Winter Warmers for 2020

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With fossil fuels and electricity becoming increasingly expensive and eco-UNfriendly, many people are opting for stoves and woodburners to heat their homes.

We’re very excited about the latest models to be released from two of our favourite suppliers – Arada and Hunter.

We’ve picked out two that we recommend as “top of the pops” for this winter:

  • The Lagom from Arada is a very special stove – a 4kw with a modern cylindrical body design, fronted by a curved glass door. It may be chic and modern, but with its plain lines it fits just as well into a more traditional room. It comes in a ceramic (white) or steel (black) option.

Best thing about it is that it’s extremely efficient in the heat department while having very low emissions. It conforms to the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) Ecodesign Ready scheme, recognised by Defra’s Clean Air Strategy, all of which means it is the best available when it comes to being environmentally safe and friendly.

When it comes to practicality, the Lagom has a handy integrated kindling storage area, a self-closing door, simple, discreet air controls and a choice of a top or rear 6” flue outlet.

If you fancy treating yourself to a Lagom this winter it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange an installation.

  • If you really want to light up your life with a glorious display of flames this winter check out the Hunter Herald Allure 5. 

 This compact yet powerful stove has a big window through which to view the inferno going on inside – just the sight of those flames will warm your heart. 

It certainly does have “allure”, but this stunning stove puts out plenty of heat too. It has a controllable temperature output from a low 5kw to a hot 6kw, and you can turn the heat up or down in a matter of seconds.

The Allure also complies with SIA EcoDesign Ready requirements, putting it ahead of its time when it comes to efficiency, performance and low emissions.

Contact us if you want to find out more about the Allure.

Fantastic Flooring

We absolutely love the new Ashbourne Limestone Tumbled Finish tiles from Ca’Pietra – a British brand that hails from Wiltshire and is sought after by architects and interior designers all over the UK and Europe. 

We adore the Ashbourne stone flooring because of its rustic look – it has rough-hewn edges and a characteristic tumbled texture, giving that distressed and weathered appearance that even newly laid will look as though its been around forever. 

The tiles are suitable for indoors, in either domestic or light commercial settings. 

If you’d like to set your floors in stone, speak to us and we’ll give you a free quotation.


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