Super Hard Granite & Quartz Worktops

Uniquely Beautiful & Perfectly Practical


The Perfect Choice for Kitchen Worktops

Granites are natural materials containing minerals, formed over millions of years through the slow crystallisation of volcanic magma below the surface of the earth.

The process results in stone that is extremely hard with a natural sheen, that is well-nigh impervious to damage or scratching, as well as being heat resistant.

When it comes to looks, there is no other natural stone that offers so many different grains, colours, and reflective crystalline patterning. No two slabs of granite are exactly the same.

All these properties make properly sealed granite – and quartz composites – the perfect choice for kitchen worktops, which is why they are so popular for high end kitchens that are designed to last.


Exquisite Quartz Composite Worktops

We at Humphries Stonemasons recommend hand-crafted granite or quartz counter tops for kitchens, and we have a breathtakingly beautiful range of them available, ready to be expertly fabricated by our team to fit in any kitchen.

Besides natural granite we offer a choice of exquisite quartz composite worktops from four top manufacturers – Caesarstone, Silestone, Unistone and BQS

It’s hard to do justice to these aesthetically lovely and highly durable quartz options in words or even pictures – we invite you to come in to our showroom in Park Street, Hungerford to see them for yourself, or contact us so we can arrange to show you in person.

Stunning Stone Bathrooms

Inspiring Bathroom Design Solutions


Trending Bathroom Designs

Modern trends in bathroom design have seen us move increasingly away from traditional ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring towards a more soothing, relaxing and natural look using stone.

A bathroom is a sanctuary where one can retreat to wash away the stress of a busy life – and of course to keep clean as well. Natural stone in its various tones fits the ambience perfectly, and with the right accessories certainly gives your bathroom a sense of style with the wow factor.

Stone and quartz can be used on all surfaces in a bathroom or wet room.

Expertly Natural Stone Flooring

Enduringly Elegant Stone Tiles


Quality stone and porcelain floors, indoors or out

Here at Humphries Stonemasons we are proud to be accredited suppliers in Berkshire and Wiltshire of top quality, beautiful and hard-wearing Ca’Pietra natural stone flooring tiles and flagstones.

We can supply both interior and exterior stone flooring suitable for all purposes, from polished marble in the living room to superior slate in the kitchen or seasoned sandstone flagstones paving the patio.

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