Stone Masonry in Tidworth



The town of Tidworth in Salisbury has an interesting history, being made of two villages; South and North Tidworth. At Humphries Stonemasons, we’ve been working in Tidworth and the whole SP9 postcode for many years and have built an excellent reputation for delivering superior workmanship and customer care. We also operate around Tidworth including North Tidworth, South Tidworth, Shipton Bellinger, Perham Down, and Ludgershall.

Experienced Master Mason Barry Humphries and the team of skilled stonemasons are highly experienced at carrying out masonry work across Tidworth for domestic and commercial properties. The stonework is not just limited to exterior architecture, but also interiors such as countertops, fireplaces, and flooring.

Stonemasonry offers versatile and bespoke pieces in all shapes, sizes, and styles that complement their environment and owner’s taste. Our stonemasonry services extend to patios, pillars, statuary, and memorial masonry for the people of Tidworth. To complement our stunning stone fireplaces, we also supply and install a wide range of woodburning stoves and fuel-efficient gas and electric fires.


Granite worktops are a stylish and practical option for your Tidworth property when re-fitting your kitchen. Granite stone has immense strength and is one of the toughest natural materials. Granite is formed over millions of years, with no rhyme or reason, creating beautiful, marbled rock. Granite’s strength and aesthetic appeal make it a perfect choice for the home.

At Humphries Stonemasons, we only use the best granite available from our various hand-picked quarries. Our skilled artisans then hand-finish the granite stone to perfection according to the customer’s wishes. Ready for installation.

Each piece of granite is unique and can come in an array of multiple colours, tones, patterns, and textures. Due to their one-of-a-kind nature, granite worktops and vanity unit tops go with any décor style, from traditional to modern. Granite is incredibly durable, meaning it is scratch, stain and heat resistant, perfect for busy households in Tidworth.


A great alternative to granite comes in the shape of composite quartz for your kitchens and bathrooms. Composite quartz is a part man-made material made from a combination of approximately 90% ground quartz and various resins, polymers, and pigments that all are fabricated to form a strong durable surface.   

To make sure all of our work is up to our impeccable standards, we only work with the best composite quartz manufacturers. Our experienced team supplies and fit composite quarts across Tidworth and the surrounding areas of North Tidworth, South Tidworth, Shipton Bellinger, Perham Down, and Ludgershall.  

Composite quartz is an effective alternative to natural stone as it can be fabricated to almost any specification including shape, colour, and texture to mimic various effects. Composite quartz is versatile and excellent for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where durability and practicality are needed.   

If you’re considering adding some stone to your Tidworth home, get in touch on 01488 682 847 and let us inspire you.

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