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Had my kitchen fitted with granite. First class service. Thanks guys.
Paolo Frattini – Google
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Had my kitchen fitted with granite. First class service. Thanks guys.
Gavin Tunnell – Google
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Amazing craftsmanship and so much done by hand with the carving. They also do amazing kitchen counters. Highly recommended.


Granite Tops to Last a Lifetime

Top your kitchen counters and central island with granite – a natural stone formed over millions of years. It’s not only the most luxurious look you can give your kitchen but also is heat, scratch and stain resistant.

Quarried from the earth across the globe, no two slabs of granite are the same, so your granite worktops are guaranteed to be unique.

We source our granite from various places, so we’re able to find you an attractive shade of stone with its typical exquisite veining and crystalline patterning to suit your requirements, cut, hone and polish it to perfection, then expertly fit it on your countertop.

Granite colours range from white to pink and variations of grey or black, depending on the minerals that predominated when it was formed as volcanic magma. Pure granite contains at least 20% quartz, giving it sparkle and strength.


Quartz – the Engineered Alternative

The technology for creating engineered stone worktops (what we now call quartz worktops) was developed in Italy in 1963, and has remained consistent ever since. The process consists of pulverising natural stone aggregate and mixing it with resins and polymers, heating and shaping it into slabs that look, feel and have the strength of natural stone.

We supply a wide choice of stunning quartz composite worktops from four major manufacturers – Caesarstone, Silestone, Unistone and BQS.

Quartz counter tops are non-porous and dense, therefore don’t absorb liquids and stain or retain grease marks. The material is also scratch resistant, super hard and durable.

Quartz comes manufactured in an array of colours and patterns to match your décor – the patterns, colours, speckles and sparkle are achieved by using a “recipe” of the same crushed stone, colour pigments and various additives like glass or metallic flecks.


Choosing Between Granite & Quartz Worktops

If you’re struggling to decide between granite and quartz worktops for your kitchen or bathroom our experts can help you consider the differences and what best suits your situation.

Granite and quartz are both excellent options for kitchen countertops, but both have pros and cons when it comes to appearance, properties and performance.

Cost is a big factor of course, but there is little difference in this respect between natural granite and top-quality man-made quartz worktops.

Arrange a consultation and we’ll give you a no-obligation quotation for worktops, along with a lot of advice and inspiration. We install worktops in Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Swindon, Newbury, Hungerford and the surrounding areas.

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