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There are many factors to consider when choosing a stove, the main ones being what size area you want to heat; what fuel you want to burn; whether you have an existing chimney; and whether your stove will be the primary heat source. It’s not all about aesthetics and style, although that plays a part too. You need to consult someone who is knowledgeable about heat output and other heating technicalities before making a choice.

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The beautiful West Berkshire town of Newbury is a hub for country pursuits with its horse racing stables, great angling spots and golf course. After a hard day in the saddle or coarse fishing there’s nothing better than settling in front of a glowing fire. That’s probably why BWF Humphries is a name well known in Newbury, where the locals appreciate a great fireplace.

We are stonemasons who specialise in creating bespoke hand-made stone fireplaces in Newbury. To complete the picture and enhance the ambience we also supply and install a range of traditional and contemporary fuel-efficient solid fuel stoves and gas fires in Newbury.

Our skill with stone extends to providing natural stone and quartz composite kitchen worktops in Newbury, as well as crafting stunning stone bathrooms.

We bring our snug stoves, stylish fireplaces and spectacular stonework to the entire Newbury RG14 postcode area including Speen and Shaw, as well as the surrounding suburbs, towns and villages like Thatcham (RG18 & RG19), Greenham (RG19), Wash Common (RG14), Cold Ash (RG18), Bucklebury (RG7), and Donnington (RG14).

Newbury Stone Fireplaces

Natural stone has timeless appeal, but when it comes to choosing a stone fireplace in Newbury there’s more benefits to be had than simply aesthetics.

Yes, a stone fireplace, like those we hand-craft to order, adds a distinctive and luxurious look to any style of home or commercial space. It is also the most practical choice you can make for framing your fire.

When you cosy up next to your Newbury stone fireplace just consider its advantages:

  • It will last for literally hundreds of years
  • It is practically maintenance free
  • It retains and therefore enhances the heat radiated from the fire and keeps emitting warmth into the room after the fire goes out
  • It will never suffer from rot like a wood fireplace surround, and won’t crumble with age like brick
  • It is made of a natural, sustainable and “green” material using traditional methods

We can craft stone fireplaces in limestone, granite, marble or any other type of stone to suit any décor, taste or architectural style, from elaborate baroque to modern minimalist. Bring us your ideas and we’ll translate them into a fantastic fireplace that will become the much-admired focal point of any room in your Newbury home.

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