How much heat do I need?

It is important to choose the stove or fire with the heating power best suited to the space to be heated. It is a matter of determining which stove will be the most economical and most environmentally friendly.

How to determine the power required ?
The power of a stove or fire is expressed in KW and indicates the amount of useful heat (i.e. heat which actually heats the house) that the appliance can produce.

This heat must effectively compensate, as closely as possible, for the heat that the building naturally loses. The power required to heat a room varies depending on the mean outside temperature, the size of the room, which way the property faces, geographical location and the standard of insulation in the building …On the other hand, greater power would be required for a second home, which would have to be heated up quickly at the beginning of the weekend.

A stove or fire that is too small will not be able to heat up (or reheat) the room in cold weather. Alternatively, a stove or fire that is too powerful will often work at a low rate in conditions that are not very beneficial. Sometimes it will overheat the room even at a lower rate. Choosing a 20 kW stove where a 10 kW model would be sufficient would be a very bad decision.

Humphries Stonemasons provide a basic KW calculator on this site which will provide a rough guide to help you choose – but the various factors involved mean it is not easy to carry out an accurate simple calculation. The best way to make sure you choose the appliance best suited to your requirements is to have a no obligation quick chat with us and arrange for a site visit.


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